Syracuse, Neapolis Archaeological Park

The Neapolis Archaeological Park is where you’ll find Syracuse’s greatest classical ruins.

Neapolis (New City) was one of the five quarters of the greek city of Syracuse.

During our guided walking tour of the Neapolis Archaeological Park I’ll show you, in chronological order, the Quarry of Paradise with the famous Ear of Dionysius and the Cave of the Rope-makers, the Greek Theatre, the Altar of Hiero II (the largest in the world) and the Amphitheater (the fourth largest in the world).

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Duration: about 90 minutes

 Price: € 130 (per tour, not per person. Entrance fees are not included)

The ticket of the Neapolis Archaeological Park costs € 10. Free entrance under 18 and every first Sunday of the month. I recommend to by tickets in advance to skip the line

 Start time in July, August and September: 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:00am, 5:30pm, 6:00pm.

Meeting point if you come by car: Parking Area “Parking Paradise” (address: Viale Giuseppe Agnello, 1 96100 Siracusa)

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– In the same morning/afternoon is possible to do the Guided Walking Tour of Ortygia

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