Syracuse, Ortygia

Ortygia is the historical and religious centre of Syracuse. Is a small island joined to the mainland by a couple of bridges.

During my guided walking tour of Ortygia, I’ll show you all the most important sights on the island of Ortygia: the Temple of Apollo (VI century BC), the Duomo Square with its baroque palaces and the Cathedral/Temple of Athena, the Church of Saint Lucy with the painting of Caravaggio (The Burial of Saint Lucy) and the Arethusa’s Fountain.

When is possible, I like to offers also tastings of typical Sicilian food, like Modica’s chocolate, cheeses and charcuterie, at the Local Market or shops in Ortygia.

Is also possible to have lunch together, at a Restaurant or at the Market with Sicilian cheeses, cold cuts, sun dried tomatoes and other traditional food.

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Duration of the Private Guided Tour: 90 minutes about (available AM or PM)

 In the same morning/afternoon is possible to do the Guided Walking Tour of the Neapolis Archaeological Park of Syracuse

Is possibile also to arrange a Full Day Visit with lunch in between the tours of the Neapolis Archaeological Park and Ortygia.

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